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Hemodialysis Technician Certification

Dialysis is a necessary treatment for most people coping with kidney failure, and that is where the hemodialysis technician certification comes into play. Someone with a hemodialysis technician certification is required to operate the machines which will work to get rid of excess waste and salt in the bloodstream from the patient, and the dialysis certification shows you have the ability to perform the job.

Hemodialysis Technician Certification – Who Is Best Suited?

The ideal candidate for the hemodialysis technician certification should be good with people, have an understanding of science and undergo a formal education from a tech school or junior college. Many hemodialysis technicians come from first being a patient care technician, and are trained at work, however with growing demand and competition within this job field, getting a specific kind of traditional education helps. If you wish to ensure you will possess the qualifications needed to do the job, consider certain steps to satisfy this career goal.Hemodialysis Technician Certification

The Hemodialysis Technician Certification Exam

The BONENT examination for dialysis technician certification is three hours in length and includes 150 multiple-choice questions covering five general regions of competence. 65% of the questions cover patient care, including assessment of the patient, control of the therapy, intervention just in case of complications, and evaluating the individual for signs and symptoms or complications. 10% from the test covers machine technology, including maintenance, setup, and operation.

5% of the questions cover water volume, to exhibit knowing about it from the different types of filtration, maintaining the machine and appearance for bacteria and residual disinfectants, and just how to watch and evaluate the standard from the water and document the outcomes. 5% of the questions cover dialyzer reprocessing, accurate documentation and also the testing methods needed. The rest of the questions for the hemodialysis technician certification cover education/self improvement, including patient education, the concepts of different types of dialysis, professional standards, ongoing education and looking at current understanding, safety methods, patient discretion, and quality control.

You will find many different ways to prepare for the BONENT examination, including test questions, courses created for test preparation, etc. The easiest method to prepare is to buy your hemodialysis technician certification from a certified institution, as the majority of them have classes and methods in position that will help you progress to employment and certification.

Once this exam is passed and you’ve got your dialysis technician certification, you’ll be able to take the certification exam, and also have the title of Licensed hemodialysis technician certification (CHT). All states also require periodic ongoing education in dialysis to have the ability to renew the hemodialysis technician certification license every 2-4 years.